Company Name:R Optical Industry.

Executives:Ryoko Takanhashi


Location:6 Floore,3-17-14,Toyo,Koto-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN, ZIP CODE :1350016


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 Founded in 2015,R Optical Industy has specialty knowledge and products for optics. What do you make for your wish. We will provide optical products or tecnical coments to your image.

 Security? Medical? Measurement? sensor? space? Factory production equipment? Data analysis? The world is full of optical products.

 The following items introduce some of our products. You could find more information from us by contacting us.


 Desigh&Manufacture&Sales Optical products.

[Optical Parts(Glasses)]

 Spherical lens[Plano concave lens/Bi concave lens/Plano convex lens/Bi convex lens/menicus lens]*Achromatic lens*Aspherical lens*Cylindrical lens*Powell lens[Line generator lens]*Ball lens*Hemispherical lens*Rod lens*Dram lens*Fish eye lens[maicro lens array]*Lenticular lens*And more+++

 Window plate*Prism*Plate with Spesial coarting*Plate with holder*Diffusion plate for illiminate*3D sheet*Direction control of light&visual*Plate with precision drill*Print with plate&dome&tube*And more+++

 Materials[Quartz/Sapphire/Ceramics[almina]/zinc selenide[Znse]/Siricon[Si]/germanium[Ge]/Arsenic[As]/And general optical glasses+++]

[Optical Parts(Resin)]

 Guide tube/lens for illimination light/lens forlazer/Diffusion plate for illiminate*3D sheet*Direction control of light&visual*hybrid with glasses*And more+++

 Materials[PMMA*PC*Acrylic polyo*ABS*And more+++]

[Optical Puroducts(another notes)]



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